Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lazy or Motivated?

Our basement is completely finished with a laundry room, rec room and a room (could be a bedroom, but because there is no exit outside on that level we can't legally call it that). It was hubby's computer room. His cave. He could play his shoot-n-kill-em games as loud as he wanted. He could make his 'comments' as loud as he wanted.

But he actually got lonely down there. And we miss seeing him. So, we converted one of the bedrooms upstairs to his new computer room. It's working out great.

Except the remains of the old computer room. We decided to turn it into the exercise room. That way the rec room is free of exercise equipment for when Adam and his friends are being wild. But the old computer room/new exercise room still has some computer stuff in it. And it also has a cardio thingy, a kickbag and my excesses bike in it. None of them usable. Because it's a half-exercise, half-computer, but-mostly-a-mess-of-a-room right now.

And I miss riding my bike. (I know, weird, but I read not-for-grad-class books when I ride - it's MY time. And I'm told that exercise will help one lose weight - although I'm still waiting on confirmation of this myth).

So, what does any of this have to do with lazy or motivated title above?

Well, I wanted to ride my bike. But I was too LAZY to clean/organize the room and/or move the bike into the rec room to ride it. So, instead I've been going on bike rides outside. As in 2 hour bike rides a few times this week. The weather has been perfect. The scenery -amazing. I absolutely love being outside this time of year with all the colors.

So - am I lazy (because I didn't want to take the energy required to move my bike so I could ride it), or motivated (because I've been going for longer rides outside instead)?

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