Friday, October 24, 2008

Greeny and George

A couple of years ago Adam found an inch worm outside. And he fell in love with him. He named him Greeny. He got a container, filled it with grass and a moist paper towel, covered it with plastic and poked holes in it for air. Greeny's new home. He talked to him. He carried him around the house. After school he'd run up to his room and grab the Greeny's home. Outside he'd fill his toy wagon with grass and leaves. He'd put Greeny in the wagon and walk him around the yard. After all, all living creatures need fresh air, he'd tell us. He'd let Greeny crawl around on his hand and he'd ever so gently pet him. Greeny became his best buddy. His little pet. Greeny even got a few bed time stories read to him.

One day Greeny was gone when Adam woke up in the morning. I told him that maybe Greeny escaped and crawled through the open window to look for his family. This helped reassure him that although he couldn't have Greeny, Greeny was out there somewhere. And happy.

A week later Adam found Greeny. Under his bed was the shriveled up remains of an inch worm. The tears came. And came. And came.

As he grieved Greeny's untimely death he talked about wanting another pet. Hubby and I agreed. It was time for a pet. After all, Adam had completely proved to us he was willing to take care of another living creature, and had done so quite well and on his own.

Because of allergies dogs and cats were out. We decided on a lizard. Off to the pet store we went. Adam choose a Gecko Lizard. He named him George (yes - based off of Tom and Jerry's take of Of Mice And Men).

George has been with us for 1 1/2 years now. And I can honestly say, 90% of the time Adam feeds, waters and nurtures George on his own. At night time I often find him propped up on his bed watching George climb around his home. I've overheard conversations between the 2 of them. Conversations of small talk, talking to George and asking him how he is doing and also conversations where George becomes the listener and confident of Adam's worries and concerns.

And to think, it all started with a little 'ole inch worm found in the grass one day.

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