Monday, November 24, 2008

Why is there only 24 hours in a day?

Wow. Look. It's me. I'm posting. I'm alive. Really. I am.
I'm just trying to find more than 24 hours in a day so I can fit everything in.

So, until I find more time I'll leave you with an update on Adam.

He's in the 5th grade. That's the grade this county starts Family Life Education (FLE). You know. Sex ed. The kid freaked out. So much so that I got a call from the nurse on the day it was too start saying he should go home due to a stomach ache and headache. Kid got himself so worked up he got a stomach ache (and lied about the headache for good measure)!

Then upon his confession (or rather us busting him), and us pointing out that he isn't going to hear anything he hasn't already. he pointed out that because our (conservative) county can't tell the kids everything, he didn't want to go and get misinformed. (They can't talk about birth control, oral sex or masturbation - EVEN if a kid asks). So, he'd just rather refer to us for info and not have to hear such information from his teacher and a room full of boys.

So, hubby and I only felt it our duty to make sure he gets informed completely. We watched Juno tonight with him. I think Parenthood will be next. We're great parents aren't we?

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The White Trash Mom Handbook

Wednesday the SV Mom's Group I contribute to is hosting another Book Club. They are featuring The White Trash Mom Handbook, written by Michelle Lamar (of Every Mother Is A Working Mother and also a contributor to the SV Mom's Group).

This quick, honest and humorous book is a must read for all Moms.

One chapter I personally related to was the chapter on after-school activities for the White Trash Family. I'll admit, Adam does participate in a sport, and it's a continuous sport that does take up time. But, he can also choose not to go to class if he is having a play date, extra homework or just wants to play at home. It's one of the huge reasons I love this sport. It can take up as little or as much time in our lives as we want it too, and our participation can change as our family needs change.

Every now and then Adam will talk about playing another sport like a friend does. But honestly, I'm not sure how he would balance everything and still be a kid. I like that he has time for impromptu play dates with the kids in the neighborhood. I like that he has time to play with his hot wheel cars and Lego's. I like that he has time to curl up on the couch and really get into a book. I like that he has time to play video games (just don't let him know that - he'll want more time). I like that when he goes to TKD class it's because he wants to go because he enjoys it. And not just the sport aspect of it too.

There is much talk of Mommy Guilt. I don't want my son to have Child Guilt and not feel that he didn't have enough time to play as a child because his parents structured his activities to fill up his every waking hour. I guess that makes me a White Trash Mom. But I'm OK with that too.

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Friday, November 7, 2008

What I Did On A Friday Night

I've been back to work full time for 2 weeks now. It's an adjustment to balance work, child, hubby, school, housework and life. And when certain things aren't done I don't feel like I've got good control and balance.

But tonight I cleaned the fridge. And now I'm posting about it.

(Sad what I do on a Friday night.)

But, I somehow feel much better knowing that at least my fridge is clean again.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

On this day

This morning I voted. I brought Adam with me. No matter who wins, history is being made. And I hope Adam always remembers putting his hand on my wrist as I pushed the final button to submit my vote. Because I am not only voting for me. I am voting for his future and his children's future.

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