Thursday, November 5, 2009

Do You Know The Story About The Boy Who Cried Wolf?

I'm beginning to feel like that boy.
I'm busy, but I'll post. But then no post.
I'm still busy, but I'll post. But then no post.

But, I really am busy. Busy enjoying life as it is. And it's different from last year.

Working full time is kicking my butt. Teaching the Adapted TKD is kicking my butt. Being on my son's school PTA Board is kicking my butt. But I love it all.

And why, if all this is kicking my butt did I find myself checking out the PhD programs at GMU and UMD again, for the umpteenth time? Especially when I post on Facebook that there is just not enough time and where does it go?

In other news, hubby and I had 2 new firsts for us.
Adam's teacher conference - NO ISSUES!! Well, spelling and grammar are weak, but that's what spell and grammar check are for as far as I'm concerned. No behavior issues, no social issues. Grades are at an all time high since kindergarten and 1st grade. The few times he didn't have his homework he went on his own to her and told her so and then told her she could expect it the next day. If it gets loud in the room or he's being easily distracted he asks to finish his work in the hallway. She says she sees NO Aspie stuff at all (ADHD yes, but no spectrum).


His annual at the pediatrician - no issues to talk. Just a refill for the low dose of meds he is on and a check of tummy, throat, etc. Shortest nicest visit ever.

All this only confirms his ADOS testing in the spring where he tested off the spectrum. Is he really 'recovered'? Or are we just in a really, really good spot thanks to tons of behavioral interventions and 2 parents working together?

But, regardless, I'm just really enjoying life right now. And this new 'phase' Adam has been in. Such a different, but at the same time the same child he's always been.

Next post I'll be sharing how we're entering the world of GIRLS (or rather, how Adam is).
Just hopefully, I won't keep you in suspense very long!

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