Friday, July 15, 2011

Things I Like About Me!

My friend C. Mom gave her readers a challenge. To create a list about what we all like about ourselves. Why make a list about what we like about ourselves? Because we are often too hard on ourselves. We don’t give ourselves enough credit. Therefore, it’s past due time to celebrate ourselves. What we like about ourselves. Our strengths.

So, here goes. My list:

My relationship with my husband. He is my absolute best friend, and has been since we met 20 years ago.
My relationship with my son. So wanted and loved. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. He brings me endless joy. A common thing I’ve heard from several of his teachers is how well we are matched. We just get each other.
Motivation. I am definitely motivated. Well, when I’m not sleeping from CFS/POTS/FM. Before that diagnosis I was always on the go. I mean, who in their right mind decides to do their first year teaching, get a masters and gestate a baby all in the same year? Wait, maybe that’s not motivation, maybe that’s craziness…
Patient. I am. Not sure where this trait came from, but patience I definitely have. It’s kinda required for my job. But, the rewards for being patient in my field are so incredibly rewarding and big.
Positive thinker. I’m definitely a glass is half full vs. half empty kinda person. I simply find it’s easier to go thru life thinking positively. It makes you happier. It makes those around you happier. It takes less energy than thinking half empty.
• I’m starting to like my ability to relax. I used to consider this wasting time. Seriously. Why just sit on the couch and flip thru family sitcoms when you could be learning, communicating, doing something, anything! After my CRF/POTS/FM diagnosis I had no choice but to slow down. And I’m starting to like my ability to slow down and take some time to do nothing.
Getting paid for what I love to do. I mean really, how much better can it get? I job by my definition that’s a dream job, that I worked and trained hard for, that I wouldn’t trade for the world. And I get paid on top of this?!?
• I like (and hope others see this quality in me) my trustworthiness and ability to listen when a friend needs it.

What do you like about yourself? Go ahead. Make a list and link up to C.Mom!!

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