Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How Many Maps Can Fit On One Fridge?

I don't remember ever needing to know this. Or even wanting to know this. However, it seems I just might find out. Because over the past week they have been showing up on my fridge.

One morning last week I found this on our fridge:

It's a map of Adam's school. I asked him why it was there. He replied, "In case I get lost at school." Never mind the fact it's the end of the first quarter and he knows his way around the school now. Never mind the fact it won't do him any good on the fridge if he gets lost, you now, at school.

Then a few days later while getting something out to cook for dinner I saw this:

I made the mistake of asking Adam why a second map of his school was on the fridge. I got glared at. Then I saw his back walking away. Notice his choice of magnet to hold up the second map 'Stupid should be painful'. I'm wondering if this was a clue for me.

And this morning:

There is the addition of a map of North America. I took a chance and asked Adam why a third map was on the fridge. I'm glad I did. I got an answer this time. "Because" was mumbled as I saw his back walk away yet again.

Any guesses what will show up next?

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