Friday, February 27, 2009

To Have Gluten Or Not, That Is The Question, Part II

A while back, I posted Part 1 of To Have Gluten Or Not, That Is The Question. That weekly point sheet he had in school? He failed it in January and February. It kept track of him completing work and interacting positively with his peers for each academic subject. The 3 weeks before Christmas break and no gluten? B, B+ and A. After Christmas break and on gluten? B, C, C-, D, F, F, C. His teacher was not told he was eating foods with gluten.

So, Monday we head back to the doctor for a consult to discuss the stomach issues. Hubby and I have seen a huge increase in rigidity, needing agendas, difficulty with change, low tolerance to social situations and changes in routines, head banging to go to sleep, during the night and while he's waking up, red ears, bumps on his upper arms and lots of sitting on the toilet for long amounts of times.

Ya know, when I am talking with other parents it is so easy to give them good, practical advice that works for their kids. When I go into a classroom I can quickly access an issue and come up with a solution for the teacher to implement to teach a pro-social behavior to a student and decrease an inappropriate behavior. I can help them foster communication and social skills with their students. And its easy. So very easy for me.

But Adam. This stuff is so hard when it's your own. Whether we find a medical reason or not, it's becoming very clear he simply can not handle being on gluten. Meeting his behavioral needs is taking up so much energy. The constant agenda's he needs. The meltdowns if someone can't play with him. The rigidity that things this.way or a meltdown. If something is changed a meltdown. Oh, the metldowns. It's so painful to be him right now. And so painful to parent him right now. Because inside I hurt so much too. My heart hurts so much for him. I truly hate that life is so hard for him and that I can't kiss him and make it better.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


It's only 9:30, but I'm way too tired to write my paper, or read the few chapters and articles I still have left for Thursdays classes. I'm even too tired to play around on Facebook and Twitter.

I really miss the days of undergrad (and even grad school) when I could work a full day, attend classes, get some studying done and then head out for a night of fun.

When did getting old happen?

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