Monday, October 12, 2009

Waving a Small Hand Hello (again)....

Umm. Hello out there (waves hand). If there is anyone out there still....

I'm still here, although I know it's hard to believe with all this lack of posting. But it's a good lack of posting. Not a too-much-to-say, lost-at-words, stuff-I-can't/shouldn't-write-about lack of posting. It's more like a I'm-busier-than-ever, but it's all-OK-busy.

  • Loving my job - which I knew I would as I subbed this position 3/4 time last school year. Switching to full time has been everything I expected - loving the challenge and hating trying to find that right balance.
  • I'm on the PTA Board at Adam's school. One of my (main) duties is writing the monthly newsletter. Which doesn't sound like a difficult job, but wow is it way more time consuming than I thought it would be! It doesn't help that our newsletter has won the state's PTA newsletter award a few times in the past few years, so I've got big shoes to fill.
  • The Adapted Tae Kwon Do program is going strong. Really strong. And we continue to have students transition successfully into the regular TKD program too. It's been so incredible to see so many kids with disabilities succeed at TKD, the joy on the parents faces, and the reaction from the other parents and students at TKD that yes, even if you have a disability, you can participate and have fun and make progress in a sport. So much appreciation to our Master for letting us try this program a year and a half ago!
  • Missed the cut-off for the BCBA exam by one day and also 80 hours (I need 1500 hours of supervision). So I'll be waiting till March. But I'll have more time to study too (in theory at least!).
  • Adam is starting the year off flying to the moon. He (for the most part) has finally learned that if he takes a 10 minute break after getting home, then does his homework and focus on it then wow, hey, there is time to play!!!! before dinner and bed!!!! As opposed to arguing about said homework for 2 hours, still having to do it, dinner and bed. He usually has ONE math worksheet on Fridays - a whooping 20 minutes, but since it's Friday, he hasn't made the connection that the same principal applies on this day too. Always a work in progress. His teacher is amazing and has had many positive things to say about him (which, unfortunately we aren't always used to due to his weaknesses taking front and center stage so often). I could really get used to this (as I find some wood to knock on)!
  • And speaking of math - he's in the GT (gifted and talented) Center, which I knew meant math was one grade level above the actual grade he is in. But what I didn't know was that 6th graders learn 7th AND 8th grade math so that if they do well they go to Algebra I in 7th grade. My little 11 year old is learning Pre-Algebra!! And he's loving it! I think it fits his black and white mind so well. He's been hanging his tests on the fridge after each unit.

So, overall, life is pretty damn good right now. And instead of blogging about it, I've just been enjoying it. But I should be back soon. That balance between working full time and everything else has got a light at the end of the tunnel, and I think its the sun, not a train heading towards me.

To keep you busy in the meantime, though, head over to Every Day I Write the Book. I just finished reading the October EDIWTB book club selection - Cost by Roxana Robinson - a definite must to put on your to-read-list!

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