Friday, August 22, 2008

Books, Books and More Books

Here's another reason I've been quiet lately. I've been busy reading:

The Septembers of Shiraz
The Longest Journey
The Gatherer
Understanding Your Moods When You're Expecting
Memoirs of an Immigrant
Knife on Skin at 7:30

And Adam and I have been reading:
In Search of Molly Pitcher
the rabbit and the snowman
The Most Valuable Treasure
The Dangerous Days of Daniel X

Go ahead, check them out!


Maddy said...

There used to be a time when Summer Holidays equaled holiday reading.......but no longer.

Anonymous said...

I saw that you were reading "Understanding your moods when you're expecting" and I had to quick click over from Bloglines to make sure I hadn't missed any big news! ;-)