Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My New Crush

I think I have a new crush.

My bank.

They charged us a monthly maintenance fee. That shouldn't have been charged.

I dreaded the phone call - being bounced back and forth from dept to dept, being told they were either not going to remove it or it taking 6-8 weeks to clear.

So imagine my surprise when the person said how can I help you, I replied I have a monthly maintenance fee that I think was a mistake and she answered with 'OK, let me take that off and then we'll look into why so it won't happen again.'

By the time I was done picking my jaw off the floor she had re-credited the account, found out why and fixed the mistake so it won't happen again.

It was that easy.

I think I have a new crush.

1 comment:

jodifur said...

Where do you bank b/c we need a new one?