Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Life Moments With A Child On The Spectrum #4

The past week my folks, brother and his son came into town to visit. And stayed at our house. And my sister, brother-in-law and her daughter spent a lot of time visiting too (they live locally). Of course I love my family, and they love us, and each visit is a time to treasure since we live hours apart.

But, it wrecks havoc on my Son. Which in turn wrecks havoc on hubby and myself because he is stressed out.

So, today I bring you:

Top 5 Signs That You've Had Family Spending The Past Week With You
(when you're on the spectrum)

5. Having to sleep in your parents bedroom, because if things are going to be different in your house at night time, then one must sleep in a different room also
4. Significantly reducing food intake (and losing 3 pounds in a week, which is 5% of total body weight)

3. Banging your head on your mattress to go to sleep at night (a behavior that was pretty much extinguished after 7 years trying to extinguish)

2. Sorting your Lego's by color and type and then rebuilding the same thing over and over and over again.

And the top sign that you've had family spending the past week with you (when you are on the spectrum):

1. Crying for a good 30 minutes because your Nana took you home from Target a different way than your Mom does (not a wrong way, mind you, just a different way)

And a sign of huge progress:
Within 2 days all weight has been regained, head banging is pretty much extinguished again, Lego's are being played with, not stemmed with, sleeping in own bed, and being just fine with however we drive anywhere.


Delora said...

I think it's a very good thing indeed that he was able to move past all the changes in just two days and that this week didn't trigger a permanent slip.

Robin said...

Thanks for the encouragement De!
I am grateful that the 'recovery time' is pretty fast. It's the 'in the moment' while he's stressed out that really is tough for him and as a parent to see him so stressed out, and then hating the fact that he's stressed out from his grandparents when they are so wonderful with him.