Friday, July 11, 2008


My friend recently wrote a post about the new site Alltop has - Autism.Alltop. Being the obsessed with autism person that I am I checked it out. Wow! What great sites! Some I was already familiar with, and bunches of new ones. Mommy bloggers blogging about day to day stuff and also news and research autism blogs.

So, let me think for a minute. I'm a parent of an Aspie, I'm an ABA therapist working on my BCBA, I'm a former Sped Teacher - this is my one stop for all autism related info, constantly getting updated for me!

And then it got better. They included ME!! Little ole me, who about a year ago had no idea what this mommy blogging thing was all about. Am I cool or what now?!

And I must say. The timing is perfect. I have finally joined the ranks of the highly technologically competent bloggers (well, at least highly technologically competent in my books as I still consider myself a newbie) and joined Twitter and Google Reader. Which, has definitely made catching up with friends and posts much more organized and faster. So, what to do with all my new free time? Clean. Um no. Study for my class. Should, but...... Oh, wait. I know. Head over to Autism.Alltop and find me some more blogs to read!!


Maura said...

Congrats on your accomplishment! :)

Have you figured out how to follow people on Twitter yet? If not, just go to the page of someone you want to follow (like Guy Kawasaki, who led me to you: and on their page, right under the picture or icon, click on "Follow."

Happy Tweeting!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Alltop family, we are honored to have you.

Another helpful Twitter tool is: .

Online Editor Alltop

Maddy said...

I'm not sure if I arrived at the wrong page when I arrived but I couldn't seem to navigate around it was a static page like a list.

Maybe I should try again.


Stimey said...

I assume you saw the most excellent tweet Guy sent out about this post? Fabulous!

Maddy said...

Ooo yes, a windowy, fizzy thing came up. I appear to be actually on it although I've no idea how that happened.

Now if only I'd had the sense to pick a blog title that started with A rather than W.

The dip stick doomed to be at the bottom of the list.