Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ohhh That Screen

If your house is anything like mine, the screen is always on. We define 'the screen' as TV, PlayStation, computer and movie. It's the never ending battle with "the boys" to turn it off. We've tried rationing the time. X amount of hours per week, X amount of hours per day, only screen time on the weekend. But it's hard to enforce. It's such a motivator (most of the time) and gives parents that 10 minute break to regather the energy our children suck out of us.

Have you ever heard of BOB?

The sister sites I write for, SV Moms Blog and Chicago Moms Blogs are hosting a give away right now. The lucky winner gets a BOB.

The best thing is that you can use it to control more than 1 person in your house. Above, when I mentioned 'the boys' in my house, that included my husband as well as my son. Yup - you can use it on your hubby's too :)

If you want to participate, don't respond here - be sure to click over to The SV Moms Blog or Chicago Mom's Blog site and leave a comment there.


The Egel Nest said...

I am a Chicago Dad...would I enjoy the Chicago Mom's site..or is it only for mom's...

The Egel Nest

Robin said...

You might -it's written by Mom's, but about parenting in Chicago. Not all posts are strictly about parenting though. Check it out and see for youself!

zdoodlebub said...

We also try to limit screen time. And fail. And then feel the guilt.

We use PS2 time on weekends only - it's a motivator for Zdoodle to have good days at school. Plus, if he played everyday, we'd argue everyday. About when it was time to turn it off. And his brain/focus gets all wacky if he has too much of it. But he loves it so dearly, that I can't elimate it.