Monday, November 5, 2007

The Brain Is Coated

So, last Thursday and Friday were pretty rough days over here. Thursday I chalked up to the coming down of Halloween high. But Friday was just as tough. We threatened Military School to fix his attitude. Then around dinner time we noticed his ears were red.

"What have you been eating that you shouldn't have been?" we demanded. He tried giving us a convincing nothing. However, Saturday morning he ran to the bathroom. Didn't quite make it either, with the runs. He couldn't hid it anymore. There was no denying. His stomach was bothering him. His ears were red on and off all night. He finally fessed up. He did eat something that had both gluten and casein in it (wheat and dairy).

Slowly over the course of Saturday we got him back. Sunday he seemed to be back 100%. The glazed look in his eye was gone. He was having give-and-take conversations with us again and not only on topics of his choice.

Last night when I was tucking him into bed I asked him what was going on in his body Thursday and Friday compared to Sunday - how it felt, etc. He responded with something that really made me think. He said, "Mommy, my brain felt like it was coated in something. It just wasn't clear. But then on Saturday afternoon the coating started cracking. And I realized things were getting easier. So I pretended I was a spy person and I tried to crack the code. When the code was all cracked, the coating was gone and my brain was back."

Sometimes it amazed me how much of an effect food does have on his body. But sometimes it amazes me even more how articulate he can be about the whole process.


Toni said...



I, too, am amazed at the articulateness of this child. I am constantly astounded when I read of the affects of wheat and dairy on certain individuals.

The Egel Nest said...

What a strange description...I don't know if my brain has ever felt like that...but if it ever I have a description for it!!!

The Egel Nest

KC said...

That's so interesting, his description. I had no idea those allergies could affect people in that way. It's great he can identify those feelings.