Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Remember What You're Teacher Told You - There's Never A Question That's A Bad Question

Remember when your teacher said there is never a bad question? Never be embarrassed to ask a question?

Well, the other night we were eating at Red Robin's. It's been a while since all 3 of us have eaten out at a restaurant. With Son being GF/CF it's been a fairly easy transition at home, but one we're still navigating in the world of fast food and restaurants.Usually when we go out Son has a hamburger, no bread and a fruit side unless we know the fries are GF/CF.

So, back to Red Robin. I had asked for a second basket of fries. Son thought it was pretty neat they give refills on the fries. He then asked for a refill on his drink. So, when the waiter brought him his 2nd drink he blurts out, "Can I have a refill on my burger too?" Oh the embarrassment! Didn't I raise my son better? But, before I got a chance to tell Son that he shouldn't have asked that the waiter says, "Sure!". I looked at him, Really? Yup.

Red Robin not only offers sides of apple slices, melon wedges, baby carrots & ranch dip, Mandarin oranges, fries or a side salad, they also give refills on kids meals! He said this is not anything they will really advertise, but they have always done this.

Wow! Refills on kids meals, plenty of fresh fruit and veges for sides on kids meals, and bottomless baskets of fries?!? It may not be a fancy place, but it sure works for us!!


Stimey said...

Wow, that's totally cool!

Jessica McFadden said...

Very very cool. I keep pimping, I mean, PROMOTING the Kids Eat Free deals in my neck of the woods, but word-of-mouth awesomeness like this is key. I am filing this away until I have kids over 60 lbs...