Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Semi Get It Now

I may have mentioned this before, my husband was on IRC 15 years ago, meeting people online and then in real life. He's a true computer geek and has been for several, several years. I always thought it was a weird way of meeting people and wasn't he scared that they might be dangerous people. He never was. He's also been a huge fan of playing various on-line and off-line video games. Which, truly I don't mind - I get to read or sleep or scrapbook or do what I want interrupted too.

Fast forward to last night.

He's down in the basement playing away. And making some pretty funny (and not so funny) comments loud enough that I can hear him upstairs. So I head down to see what's going on. He's like a little kid in a toy store, truly enjoying himself playing some game on-line.

I comment that ya know, 15 years ago I thought you were crazy for talking with people on line and then meeting them in real life. But now I'm doing that and loving it too. So, does this mean that in 15 years or so I might actually enjoy these games too?

He replies Um, no, you'll never like these games. But at least you semi-get it now.

Yes, I do. I finally get the obsession for sitting at the computer for hours on end and interacting with people.


Stimey said...

Well said. :)

Toni said...

Oh, so do I! I couldn't imagine not having the community that I do now through blogging!