Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So, remember back in my first post where I introduced myself and said how I was taking a year off from teaching? In the perfect world I was going to find this totally awesome job, that would be part-time and fit dropping off and picking up Son, and would also bring in a decent amount of money. It would also be completely different than teaching and I would be making an impact on people's lives with whatever it was I was doing.

The world isn't perfect.

Ok, so I've only submitted 3 resumes, but I've heard NOT ONE THING in response to any of them. I realize I'm a little picky with wanting part time hours, but heck, this is DC. Headquarters of organizations, think tanks, nonprofit agencies. And I've found nothing all summer.

I wanted to use my sociology/social welfare degree that I've never used before. I wanted to combine that with my experience teaching special ed. I wasn't just a special ed teacher though - I did lots of 'alternative teaching' - inclusive facilitator, autism resource, assistant principal for summer school, ran local screening and did achievement testing. I've been a paralegal and worked at a homeless shelter for abused women and children. I am very big on autism/aspergers, high-risk kids, reading, early intervention, family/welfare issues and abuse. But I've found nothing so far.

I do have a plan for bringing in money. I'll do homebound teaching. That's for kids that can't attend school due to medical reasons (chemo, chronic illness, surgery/recuperation) and discipline (ie: expelled). That's different. No staff meetings, no real lesson plans/grading - just 1-5 kids a week that will come and go based on length of needing homebound. But, that's not something different enough.

I'm also taking classes to add a reading endorsement onto my teaching license. That way if I don't find something different and perfect (or almost perfect) and I have to go back to teaching (cuz reality is, we do have to eat and keep eating) I can switch to be a Reading Teacher.

We're at a place that we can take a cut in pay for a year. I'm burned out on teaching. I don't want to sit at home and eat Bonbon's. I WANT to work. But I can't find anything that requires using my brain and education in something other than teaching. I was really hoping that when Son went back to school I would be starting a new job. Something new and exciting. Now I'm not so sure that is going to be happening......

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to offer something helpful, but you seem to have so many talents already that it's hard to imagine that there are no opportunities for you.
Best wishes