Monday, August 20, 2007

It's As Simple As Using Paper Towels

Son is FOREVER using his shirt as a napkin. This drives Husband and I completely crazy (not to mention the extra laundry time of taking stains out). After another talk about it, table manners and the fact he is just about 9 he says, "But, Mommy, I just don't like the way napkins feel!" I ask, "Do you like the way paper towels feel?" "Yes," he replied, "I don't mind paper towels and shirts." "Well, then, from now on get a paper towel instead of a napkin."
Problem is solved.

Sometimes I am amazed by his sensitivities. To me there is no difference between napkins and paper towels. Yea, they are different feel, but neither is aversive for me. This reminds me when he was 4 and he was able to tell if the water I was boiling was from the sink or the fridge (water dispenser). He could tell by the smell. Husband confirmed and they thought it was odd that I couldn't tell the difference. I am thankful that Son can now tell me what bothers him and what doesn't and how it bothers him; what is going on in how is body interacts with the world. And in this case it's as simple as using paper towels.

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