Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A New Begining

Please, - someone invent something to stop time!! Because seriously - MAY?!?

As you've noticed I've been gone again. Had some personal stuff going on that I won't be blogging about, but happy to report it's all cleared up and I'm back.

The focus of this blog will be changing some. I'm not exactly sure how yet though. I'm no longer comfortable blogging about Adam's Aspergers. He's in middle school, and now it's his story to tell if he wishes to. Which is going to make this blog, um, well, have to take a new turn since most of what I blogged about was parenting him. I'm sure he'll still be making some appearances here and there though.

So that leaves me a little speechless in what to write. Bear with me as I find my new voice here.

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