Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This week the SV Mom's Group is talking about Suzanne Guillette's book Much to Your Chagrin: A Memoir of Embarrassment.

This book has lots of stories about people's embarrassing moments and other Mom's are blogging about theirs.

So, what's mine you ask?

Not gonna say. Weird, uh? Here I am blogging to the world about this and that, yet I don't feel comfortable sharing an embarrassing moment with you.

Maybe because although I blog, in real life I am extremely shy. Extremely. Shy. And because something may be embarrassing to me, maybe you'll think it's stupid or silly. And because I'm shy I'll take it extra personally. Or something. I dunno.

Or maybe it's because I've tucked them all away in my mind. I mean, who WANTS to remember embarrassing moments!
I did enjoy the book. Honestly, though, not at first. The second person tone kinda turned me off at first. But as I got into the story the story hooked me.
This post was inspired by the Silicon Valley Moms Blog book club selection, Much to Your Chagrin by Suzanne Guillette. Other people may be much more braver than I in sharing their embarrassing moments.

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