Friday, May 23, 2008

Book Tour: The Working Woman's Pregnancy Book

MotherTalk has a new book tour out The Working Woman's Pregnancy Book.
No, I'm not pregnant. But my sister is. So she is my 1st ever guest blogger (thanks sis!):

Toss out your copy of "What to Expect..." because this is the best pregnancy book! This even beats out all the websites that cater to the reproductive-ites. I'm in my second pregnancy and I wish I'd had this book for my first. In "The Working Woman's Pregnancy Book", Marjorie Greenfield, M.D., incorporates factual medical information, practical advice and first-hand accounts - and has managed to glue it all together by focusing on being a pregnant employee. This book is so well organized. It functions like a resource guide yet it also reads like a story from cover to cover.

So now I'm four months along and wondering how the heck am I going to organize and deal with a newborn, a sprite of a two-year-old, a growing career and, oh yeah, did I mention I'm going back for my masters'? But right now I have to handle being pregnant at work and being a pregnant employee - no such easy feat, even in a supportive work environment like I have.

Easy or tough as your experience is, Dr. Greenfield provides great tips, advice and facts - like qualifying FMLA requirements and negotiating your maternity leave plan to tips on treating first trimester nausea at work (I've been works). I recommend this book to any working mom-to-be, even the ones with current mommy experience!

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