Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Can Christmas Be Over Yet?

Seriously. My kid just can't handle it. Waiting is too hard for him. Excitement and change is too hard for him. The unknown is too hard for him. He's truly been trying his hardest. Can't we just move Christmas up this year?
He's been in tears for 2 days now. He's miserable. He is too caught up in the excitement. The kids at school are all feeling the excitement. Consequences are being given (gentle, but consequences none-the-less) so that the teachers can try to keep teaching right up to the holiday party on Friday. But my kid is miserable.
He loves the holiday season. Right up to the week before. Then he just can't take it anymore. The focusing, the sensory stimulation, the excitement. He's on overload and he knows it and he's miserable.
OK. I'm done whining now. Y'all can move on to the next blog now.

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