Friday, January 4, 2008

The Week's Summary

Because I know you are really curious as to what I've been up to other than taking pictures of ice cubes (and by the way it's still freezing. Yea, I know, it's winter time - get over it).

School started back up. Son is completely back in routine and has mellowed out completely. No more extra excess sensory issues and energy and verbal stimming. He likes school. He likes his teacher and the kids in his classroom. He likes the topics they are learning. And he loves the routine. Monday - Friday, school, homework, play and/or TKD and Sat/Sun vegging out. He is a creature of routine and he has his routine back. So he's happy, and I'm happy (although I do miss him during the days. Even with all the extra energy I love having bonus days to spend with him).

And, that is the state of things this week. Noneventful, which, is very OK after the holiday excitement.

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