Monday, January 21, 2008

What Happened To Mommy/Son Days

There was a time that when there was a day off of work/school my son and I would call them Mommy/Son days. We'd look forward to it all week. Because we got to spend the entire day together. Doing something fun. Something that we didn't have time for between working and school.

As he began to grow up he continued to love these days. Everyone needs special 1:1 time. Chill time. Quality time.

Today Son has no school. But he's not having the Mommy/Son day I was planning. Instead he has been playing with a friend from the neighborhood for about 5 hours now.

As much as I love seeing him form friendships and grow, I miss those days when I was enough.
On the other hand, I've gotten lots of little stuff done around the house too.

Growing up is so very bittersweet.

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Stimey said...

But he'll always need you. I know what you mean though.