Sunday, January 6, 2008

Eating With The Child On The Spectrum/Sensory Issues

Ever since starting the GFCF diet over a year ago Son has been more receptive to trying new foods and finding out that he actually likes them. We love that his list foods that he'll eat is growing. We can add 2 more foods to the list - sausage (for breakfast) and potato chips.
Yup - Son refused to eat potato chips.

And another milestone - he ate scrambled eggs on his sausage today. There was a time that he would completely freak if food touched other food on his plate. Once that happened his meal was over.

These may seem like minor issues to most parents. But for parents kids on the spectrum, or even just sensory issues, these steps are huge in making meal time enjoyable for the whole family as well as providing better overall nutrition for the child.

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Stimey said...

Yeah, Jack made a sandwich this morning of toast and eggs. Fantastic. I can never imagine him refusing to eat potato chips though.