Monday, January 21, 2008


Tomorrow will be a typical day for me. Sort of.

Tomorrow I will have something else on my mind. Someone I'm thinking of. Someone I know from DC Metro Moms and although we have never personally talked, we know bunches about each other because of the blogging world.

Because of the blogging world, you to can read her story. Her honesty. Her fears. Her dreams. Her reality. Her life with IBC.

Tomorrow will be a typical day for me. But not for WhyMommy. And because of her bravery she will have lots of tomorrows.

To do what we all want. To see our kids grow. To fall in love over and over again with our spouse. To live.

Join with me in sending her some thoughts won't you?


canape said...

Lots and lots of tomorrows.

Thank you.

Toni said...

Beautifully said.