Thursday, January 17, 2008

Reading Books

Do you ever read a book, and get so into it that it effects your daily life? Like, you get really attached to a character and when the character is going thru rough times you feel like it's you going thru rough times? And you got so lost in the story that it just simply brings you down, and you know it's fiction so why is it bothering you so much and why can't you separate the fiction from your real life?


Toni said...

Oh, yeah, this happens to me! I don't get to read for pleasure much right now because of school but it does happen. Last night I dreamt about Harry Potter and all of my high school friends were wizards and at Hogwarts. It was strange. I haven't read any Harry in months! Maybe it is time to try to sneak some in, huh?

Stimey said...

What book are you reading? 'Cause I wanna read it too.

vickie2005 said...

This happened to me when I read The Pilot's Wife by Anita Shreve, before I got married. I was angry with Benjie for a long time and was convinced he'd do the same thing to me! (But he isn't a pilot, nor does he have any opportunity to live two lives in two places.)