Monday, January 28, 2008

The Next President

Over at DC Metro Moms and the sister sites an invitation has been given to the candidates. (again) It's inviting them to come talk to us. The Moms. Elizabeth Edwards has already chatted with us twice in fact. But we've heard nothing from the other candidates.

I'm pretty sure I know who I am voting for. But to be honest, I'm not sure where all the people stand. It's hard to find out. They all make promises, and the media can definitely be biased in their reporting, not to mention reporting on the bickering as well. How do we know the truth?

How do we really know how they will act in the position of President and/or Vice President? How do we know they will continue the agenda's they have made important in their campaigns?

So much of this election on the Democrat side has turned into an African American vs female issue. And I'll be blunt here, as great as it would be to finally elect someone of a minority status to be President, there has to be more than that for me to push the button for that person to be elected. I'll make that decision based on who I believe will best represent my feelings and how the country should be run at home and as a contributing member to the world.

What a better way to help spread their campaign message than by talking to Mom's?!? Let us help spread the word when out at the parks, picking up kids at school and sports, and blogging?

So, Hillary, Barack, John, John, Rudy, Mike, and Mitt: anyone game?!?

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