Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Blog Exchange - January 2008

Here's my post for the January 2008 Blog Exchange. At some point later today it may be moved over to my host's blog, so be sure to check back later, because her's will be here instead.

The Blog Exhange - January 1, 2008

This months topic is the Best of 2007 Awards.

I've been pondering this for a week now on and off. Should I do blogs, events, places to go, favorite books, movies and tv shows? But nothing I've come up with has been a 'yeah! Blog about that!'.

So, here I am on New Years Eve. I'm not out drinking. I'm not out with friends. Well, ok, hubby and I do have a glass of wine. But I'm at home. With my husband and son. Husband is on his laptop next to me doing what ever it is when he surfs the net. I'm catching up on some blogs after being out of town for a few days. Son is watching Drake and Josh on Nick - his latest favorite show.

And you know what - I'm having a great New Year's Eve. It's quiet. It's relaxing. It's with my 2 favorite people in the whole world.

Back in my younger days I never would have thought this would be the best way to spend New Years Eve. I was so clueless back then. I wouldn't give this up for the world.

Hope you all had the Best New Years Eve Ever too!


Lara said...

sounds like a great new year's to me! :)

Jenn said...

yep, I agree. that's a pretty fine new year's (okay, maybe a glass of red wine...) :P

Toni said...

Sounds very similar to my NYE! Happy 2008!