Friday, January 4, 2008

Things My Son Has Said This Evening

1. I have the beginnings of a cold. Runny nose and itchy eyes yesterday, head pounding developing over the course of today. Son said, "I have just the thing to make you feel better Mommy. I'll give you kisses all over your head and share my good germs with you so they can help fight your bad germs." Awwwww

2. And before watching Zoe 101 this evening he asked if the actors were real. Husband and I weren't exactly sure what he was asking. We had been talking about the JamieLynn pregnancy and how in real life she is pregnant (which of course stemmed the conversation we were having from todays headlines). We told him that Zoe is a character played by JamieLynn, Zoe isn't real, but JamieLynn is. He asked if it was just her voice. We said yes, her voice is real and she is a real person in life. We were all getting confused. Then he asked what he was really wanting to know. Was the show using real people as actors or computer animation that was super good with real people doing voices (like in a cartoon). We said n0 - they are real people. It's not a cartoon. We of course were confused why he couldn't tell that they were real people (I was thinking he was having an Aspergers social moment to a degree he has never had before). Turns out he was just confused because if JamieLynn is pregnant in real life shouldn't her stomach be fatter in the show. He now knows shows are filmed in advanced.
Good question though - if she is supposed to be pregnant and doesn't look it, maybe the people on the show are all computer graphic done real well. That would be a geek thinking.

I'm off to get some good germs now.

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Toni said...

I have a cold, too and could use some of those good germs.