Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm Waking Up

Something you don't know about me is that I have Epstein Barr Syndrome/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. It means I get chronically sleepy. And I don't mean tired from all that involves living. I mean I need to sleep right now and for many hours and days.

Back in college I came down with Mono. One of the worst the college clinic had ever seen. It put me in the hospital for a week and I developed ITP. They froze my blood to use in studies.

After lots of medications and followups I was declared healthy again after a year.

However, in the past 15 years or so I go through periods where I sleep a tremendous amount. A couple of years I finally got diagnosed with Epstein Barr/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Not that there is a cure or anything. But at least I know I sleep a lot for a reason, not entirely due to laziness.

I've been sleepy and dragging for about a week now as well as running a low grade fever on and off. Then Friday it hit big time. I took a 5 hour nap in the afternoon after sleeping in till 10am. Got about 9 hours of sleep that night. Took a brief nap in the afternoon. Got 9ish hours of sleep Saturday night. Took a 5 hour nap in the afternoon Sunday and got about 10 hours of sleep Sunday night.

But finally, I feel like myself again. I have energy. I feel awake.

And although it's nice to be able to take naps, sometimes I really hate having to take them so much.

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Stimey said...

I can imagine how frustrating that must be. I had a good friend a while ago that had chronic fatigue. It was a big deal. She had to be really careful not to take on too much.