Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Where I get to have my opinion on politics, because in this country I can Part III

OK. I'm on a roll this morning. Watch out, hear me roar!

After reading a CNN article I then hoped over to WashingtonPost.com. And saw THIS article.

Seems that McCain/Palin are having a rally right here in my hometown. Tomorrow. During the day. AT A HIGH SCHOOL. And yes, it's a school day.

Superintendent says he's making an exception because it would be a good learning experience. Sure. No argument there. But he also says that "We are not participating in a political rally. We are letting our kids have new educational opportunities."

However, further in the article Fairfax City Mayor (a Republican), who helped plan the event is quoted as saying, "it would be disappointing to me if this becomes a partisan, bickering affair where, if you are for one you are for the rally, and if you are for the other, you are against it."

Ummm...... I thought it wasn't a rally. I thought it was an educational opportunity, therefore, not in violation of how the community uses school buildings during school hours. So, is it a rally or not. Personally, I think that with 56 days left till election, anywhere McCain/Palin go to speak to a group of people would be a rally. I highly doubt they'll not be campaigning. Come to think of it, maybe they won't. Maybe they'll talk about how well abstinence works to a bunch of high schoolers.

But, back to the real topic. The Fairfax City mayor's argument is that Obama and his campaign stopped in Fairfax over the summer. At Robinson Secondary School. However, his event was held during the summer, at night time (I believe). Yes, there were students in the building having other activities held there. But those were activities they had signed up for. This was NOT during a school day.

I guess we all know who the Mayor of Fairfax City and the Superindent of Fairfax want elected.

Washingtonpost.com is reporting the place for the McCain/Palin rally has now been changed.

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