Friday, September 26, 2008

Where I get to have my opinion on politics, because in this country I can Part V

Opinion time again!

McCain has suspended his campaigning so that he could head to DC to work on the economic crisis (although fundamentally our economy is strong he insists). Let's pretend to ignore the fact it took him quite a while to get there and his ads have not stopped running nor have his campaign offices closed. (I'm personally kinda interested in knowing what his definition of suspended is).

Some thoughts by late night shows on this:

As reported by Dave Letterman

As reported by Jon Stewart

As reported by Steve Colbert

Tonight is supposed to be the Presidential Debate. I consider the debate kinda like an interview. I don't get to ask the questions, but I do get to see how the candidates answer more on the spot (vs. reading tele-prompters) together. McCain isn't so sure he can attend tonight.

Would you hire someone who didn't show for an interview, because he was stopping his interview process because something came up on DC and he needs to race back, but yet, it takes him a day to get there?

Would you hire someone who rushes back to his office to work on economics, hence causing tons of money to be wasted on the interview you aren't going to show up for?

Would you hire someone who leaves you on the edge of your chair waiting to see if he is going to grace you with his presence for an interview?

And, because I wouldn't want to give all the attention on this post to McCain, here's some attention for Obama courtesy of Sarah Silverman and The Great Shlep.

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