Thursday, September 4, 2008

Where I get to have my opinion on politics, because in this country I can

I've never been one into politics. I mean, I vote and find out what the candidates platforms are, but I don't get into politics. But this year has been different. Thanks to my new blogging friends I've been addicted to it. I've watched the conventions. I've twittered about them with my tweeps. I've read lots of posts commenting on the issues. I've stayed up late to watch The Daily Show (because quite frankly, I think he's got the best news show around).

And this year, I'm going to comment, out loud, in public, about my opinions. Because I can. Because, like you, I'm just Plain Jane Mom, working, raising a family, and trying to get one step ahead. But my opinion counts. Especially when I vote on Election Day. No, I haven't studied politics. And I may not be correct on all the topics. But that's OK. I'm learning.

I also think this election is historic for some many reasons. To have 2 women, one on each side, be so prominent in this election. To have a minority be on the ticket. To have had one party in office dominating it for so long. To have a son in upper elementary school to talk about politics to.

And as much as I so admire a woman for being able to balance such a high-powered job and a family, and as much as the feminine in me would love to see a female in such a high-powered job. She just isn't the gal for me. (And truthfully, her being a Republican was actually enough for me). But because she is a woman, a Mom, I feel that maybe I should be able to relate to her better. We both work. We both have kids. In fact, we both have kids with special needs. But I just don't relate to her.

You see. We aren't supposed to judge her kids. Yet, she keeps throwing her special needs child and her son going to Iraq into her campaigning. Both are important issues in this campaign. The war in Iraq, terrorists and education. Yet are we supposed to ignore the fact that her daughter is pregnant? It's considered unfair to bring this up? I don't think so. She doesn't get to pick which of her kids she can promote for her causes. Her platform and religion promotes abstinence, including not teaching about birth control in the schools. Her platform supports a ban on ALL abortion. Just because abortion wasn't an option or choice in her family doesn't mean it should be in mine. I think Jon Stewart, in his interview with Newt Gingrich last night, summed it up for me:

"She would veto abortion for women even in the event of being raped.....Respect my families ability to make this decision, and elect me so I can keep your family from having the same opportunity"

And I don't like how now the Republicans are talking about needing change. That was the Democrats phrase. And change? They are Republicans, which has been in leadership for the past 8 years. If they change how things are run, are they going to become Democrats? Because by saying the gov needs change, when you are the party that has been in office for 8 years could be interpreted as your party didn't do a good job. Not sure why I'd want to vote for more.

I personally love the fact that we can all post our opinions and talk and debate politics. I'd personally like for those freedoms to continue. And not only the freedom to talk, but the freedom to have and make choices.


Anonymous said...

Hey wait, I'm Plain Jane Mom ;)

jodifur said...

Amen, sister friend!

Cathy said...

Really good post. I have a son with Asperger's, and it's a struggle to get him services in our school district (CO), which works on a bare bones budget. I doubt Palin would advocate raising taxes to better fund education, so I don't really believe her when she says all parents with special needs kids have a friend with her in the office. I could go on and on. :)