Friday, September 12, 2008

Haiku Friday

What is up with this?
Two Thursdays in a row now
Insomnia sucks

Not working today
Wanted to catch up on stuff
Insomnia sucks

Had some chores to do
Blogs to read and posts to write
Insomnia sucks

Don't know what I'll do
If this happens next week too
Insomnia sucks

But for now I'm off
to sleep, I can't stay awake
Insomnia sucks

I wonder who else is having sleeping problems this week?


Patsy said...

Have you read the book Insomnia by Steven King?? I suggest you do if you haven't. I laughed all the way through it, well except when I was scared --- It is a thick book and one meant to be read when insomnia strikes. Hopefully yours will pass quickly.

Cathy said...

I go through insomnia cycles, where I won't be able to sleep a few nights in a row. It's awful! I hope you sleep well tonight.

maggie's mind said...

I can't even imagine how not fun insomnia must be. I stay awake way later than I should, but it's more because I'm too enthralled with whatever is keeping me up and not because I can't actually sleep. If I drag my butt to bed, I sleep. I'm sending sleepful vibes your way.

BananaBlueberry said...

Wishing you restful nights :)

Orlena said...

Why does insomnia happen? The answer is not always clear, sometimes it is caused by stress and other times there might be no apparent reason. There are ways you can improve both the quality and length of your sleep and break free of your patterns of poor sleep habits. You need not fear the night.