Friday, May 30, 2008

Dear Realtor

Yes, it is me writing again.

When a house is listed on the MLS, and also has flyer's in the front yard, both listing the same price, it is really not necessary to knock on the front door to ask the owner if the price is correct. That would be a question for the realtor. But, seriously, when is a house really priced at something different than what is listed in the MLS and on a flyer in front of the house?

And, by the way, don't bother bringing your client back later in the week like you said you would (although I saw them in the car) because our house is being taken of the market.

Really. We understand that we want you to come look at our house since we put it on the market. But these:
-3-4 hour long windows of you wanting to show our house and either not coming by or not leaving a card are ridiculous
-randomly stopping by without calling and expecting us to let your client in and/or verify the price that is listed on the MLS
are simply rude and unprofessional. Really.

So, yes, really, we are taking the house of the market. We didn't need to move, just wanted to. But it's not worth the hassle anymore.

Owner No Longer On The Market

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