Monday, June 2, 2008

The Beginning

of my week so far:

7:50 Drop Son off at school
8:00 Put gas in my car
8:05 Pull gas nozzle out of car and gas sprays all over my shirt, arm and face
8:06 Proceed to drive home as fast as I can to clean up and change
8:15 Call client's house to let them know I will be late, only to find out they have cancelled for
the week
8:20 Decide to drive down to office to turn in payroll paperwork since printer died last night
(the one that is about a month old)
8:55 Standing in line to deposit paycheck and somehow manage to get the gum I was
chewing in my hair
1:30 Despite completely changing my clothes and taking another shower I still can't get the
smell of gas off me

This better not be a sign on how my week is going to go

1 comment:

Kim Moldofsky said...

Yikes! I hope things are going better.