Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summer Vacation Is Put On Hold....

Apparently it's not so cool to have summer vacation after all. This thought would be after observing Son throw himself on the floor, screaming and tantruming for 30 minutes on Saturday stating "I hate summer, I hate this place, I hate this world, I want to go to summer school, I need to be back in school" among some other statements.

The antecedent to this share of emotions? Me telling him "You have 10 minutes until it's time to get ready for TaeKwonDo." And he melted.

I've noticed an increase in rigidity, persevering and decrease in wanting to play with the neighborhood kids in the past 3ish weeks. Instead of making Star Wars ships with his Lego's he's been making patterns with the blocks - mosaics he calls them. All this was expected. Transitioning from school to summer is a huge transition. But he was also excited about summer this year. His increase in the ASD behaviors wasn't really severe compared to what I've seen before.

And then with the conversations we had on Friday afternoon, I thought all was going to be OK in the transition to summer.

And ya know what, I think it still will be. After making him go to class (and sticking with his original decision to go and get some structure back into his day) he was fine. And he has been fine all day today. Although not very proud of him while he was throwing himself on the ground repeatedly like a toddler on Saturday, he's pulled himself together and is moving on. Enjoying summer as he should. I'm sure we'll have some more bumps on the roads as he completely adjusts, but when thinking back to years past, wow he's come a long ways!.

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