Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's Official

I've become lazy. As many of you know, I took a year off of teaching and have now resigned. I'm working part-time (ABA Therapy) and loving it. And it's given me a lot of free time. I can get work and house chores all done during the school hours. I have no work that comes home with me. That means my afternoons and weekends are a big, clean, empty slate for the first time, in, literally, forever!
When I was teaching special ed most days I would work an hour or two after school let out (either at school, or bringing stuff home to do). On the weekends it wasn't uncommon for me to put in another 10ish hours making tasks, doing paperwork and lesson plans.

This was a huge reason why I took a year off. I missed my family. I mean, they were there in the house with me, but I was always doing work related stuff on the side. I missed having time to do stuff.

Back in the fall it was weird. All this time on my hands. I kept thinking enjoy it, vacation will be over next week. But it wasn't. I really wasn't working full time (or full-time-plus). I started reading LOTS. I started blogging. I took a couple of classes. I organized closets. I kept myself busy. But over the winter I started slowing down on my 'projects'.

Now it's almost summer time and I'm not sure what I did over the spring. I actually don't think I did much. Somehow I kept myself busy doing nothing.

I think I have officially become lazy. My weekends disappear and I haven't really done anything.

And ya know what? For the first time in my life I am learning to relax and take things slowly. I have actually become somewhat lazy.

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Nicole said...


that is wonderful...
and how life should be :)

Good for you!