Monday, April 7, 2008

What's For Dinner Tonight?

Tonight I had a staff meeting so Hubby and Son were on their own for dinner. No biggee. Last week while I was at class Hubby took care of dinner for Son. A few bowls of cereal and a banana. Not a traditional dinner, but not a bad one either (and the cereal wasn't even a 'junk cereal').

So, tonight before I left I suggested either corn dogs or fish sticks. And don't forget to eat a piece of fruit before you have dessert. And off I left. Reassured that Son would eat a complete dinner of some kind.

When I came home I went to tuck Son in bed. He told me he had fruit and dessert by no dinner. Said Husband and he forgot.

Son was giggling. I couldn't tell if it's because it was true and he though it was funny, or if he was trying to pull one over me. So, I went off to confirm this with Hubby.

Son was right. They both forgot to have dinner.

"But," my husband ever so proudly stated, "I remembered to give him a piece of fruit before he had ice cream!"

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