Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'll Out Smart Them!

There's one thing I absolutely hate. It's asking for help in a 'traditionally male field' topic. Like my car for example. I know how to change the tire, and fill the tank, but that's about it. I am real good at scheduling appointments to keep up with the maintenance. But when a service light comes on or the car makes a weird noise?

I just don't know what it all means. And I'm absolutely horrible at describing the noises and feel of the car. Which means I have to ask my husband or the man at the car dealer.

But, thanks to Parent Blogger Network and I may be able to solve my car problems on my own. Heck, I'll get the answer I'm looking for and will be able to tell my husband what's wrong. I'll be able to call for a service apointment and with confidence tell them the problem before they even look at my car! Can't wait to see their faces for that!!

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