Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Attack of the Zombies, Part 1

My son and his friends were up in his room playing Lego's. I love this all-time-favorite. Imagination, building, pretending.

And of course, what Mom can complain about some time to read a book while the kids are happily playing - right?

When tucking my Son in for the night I glanced at the floor still covered with Lego's and see the ships and forts that they built. Oh great I smile to myself. Childhood memories in the making.

And then I take a closer look.

What I though was a fort was filled with heads, not captured Lego people.

The space ship holds the decapitated victims.

What happened to sweet innocent playing?


Stimey said...

That's really hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Robin, that's hysterical! It definitely looks like something my 6 year old and his friends would do.