Sunday, July 13, 2008

Twitter Dreaming

Friday I had the day off. I planned on studying, cleaning and getting bunches of stuff done so I could truly enjoy a 2 day weekend with none of the catch-up-stuff-cuz-I-was-too-busy-during --the-week-stuff. And instead I spent it surfing the net. And Twittering. By 5pm the cleaning was finally finished, but with LOTS of stalling at the laptop (and I wonder where my son gets his high level of distractibility from?).

Upon waking up Saturday I remembered a dream I had. In my dream, I kept stopping my dream to give Twitter updates of my dream. See how addicting this Twitter stuff can be? And did I learn my lesson? Nope. Took most the day to get errands done because once again they were interrupted by LOTS of stalling at the laptop with Twitter and MomsRoadTrip.

So, today I'm shutting down the computer and reading and reading and reading (like, 8 chapters in a Sandburg & Partington book, the entire ABLLS and VB MAPP) which is going to painful, but really, really, really needs to get done now. I am so behind in this class it's not even funny (and boy do I hope my prof hasn't found this blog now that I've alerted everyone how behind I am!). Don't worry Prof - it'll all be done by class this week!!


Maddy said...

I found twitter very addictive initially and then someone pointed out that it makes the blog load slower [doesn't everything!]

Toni said...

I still haven't begun twittering...