Monday, July 21, 2008

Life Moments With A Child On The Spectrum #5

Saturday morning Adam was running around the house. A.Lot. And making random and loud noises. A.Lot.

Me: Adam, you better calm down right now. We are NOT having one of those days so get that through your head right now. Understand?

Adam: Yes Mom

5 minutes later. Behavior is continuing.

Mom: Adam, I thought I had made this clear?

Adam: Mom - technically you said get it through your head. So that means IT went THROUGH my head and didn't stay, so I must have forgotten.

Mom: Well, then, you'd better go find it since it went through your head and put it back in your head and make it stay there.

Adam runs around house 'looking' for the phrase that is floating somewhere in our house.

Adam: Can't seem to find it Mom.

I play along some more and put out my hand and tell him here it is.

Adam: Wow Mom, how'd you find that?

Mom: Must be magic. Now put it IN your head.

Adam takes the phrase from my hand, puts it up to one ear and smushes it in and puts his hands over both ears. Shakes his head around a bit. Puts hands down.

Adam: OK Mom. We're all systems go for a great day now.

And a great day was had.


Anonymous said...

Nice work Mom!

A little victory- with some humor added in- I like it,

It seems your son liked it too :)

Maura said...

Wow, very nice work indeed. Do you keep a tin of spare phrases in your pocket for just such occasions? :-)