Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another Childhood Milestone

Adam had his first sleep over this weekend. He's slept at friends houses a few times, but has never had a friend sleep over here. That would be inviting someone into his territory, his space, for an extended period of time. But last week he told me he wanted Sam to sleep over. He and Sam play almost every day. Sam lives behind us. Adam's listened to Sam and some of the other neighborhood kids talk about sleepovers for a year or two. This summer he decided he was ready. And Sam was more than willing.

So, after playing during the afternoon and taking a break for dinner Sam arrived. They played. And played. And giggled. And laughed. And then it was getting late. So, into the sleeping bags in front of the TV to wind down they went. Sam shortly fell asleep. And then Adam got upset. More like panic. He didn't think he could do it. Not the sleepover part, but the sleeping in the family room instead of his bed. Well, that was easy to fix. I carried Sam upstairs to Adam's room. And Adam went to sleep in his bed.

They woke up this morning quite happy and within 2 minutes of opening their eyes resumed playing.

Adam hasn't stopped smiling yet.


Agent P or MamaJan said...

Oh, yay, that is wonderful!

Stimey said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy it worked out so well! I'm impressed that you got them to sleep easily.

Toni said...

I am so glad the solution to a great sleepover was that easy and that everyone had a great time! What a milestone, indeed!