Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break

It's spring break.

Despite the snow flurries we had yesterday. Which, along with the wind and cloudiness is not putting me in the mood to work on the yard. Which was one of my goals for Spring Break.

Another goal - to keep shredding. Not happening. Last weekend was my birthday and hubby and I managed to go out to dinner Friday, Saturday AND Sunday! Friday Adam had TKD class, a weapons class and Demo Team practice - so a mini-date it was for us. On Saturday Adam had a 2 hour bday party at dinner time - so, we went out to dinner. And Sunday, not expecting our Friday and Saturday treats, we had booked a babysitter a while back. Movie and a dinner it was for us! Which means I have LOTS of shredding to do. Lots. But I'm just not motivated to right now. Not sure why - I was doing so good keeping up a stable exercise plan and eating right.

Another goal - to catch up on school work - that has been happening - lots of reading and papers are being written.

Another goal - to have fun with Adam - that has been happening. He's been having a blast playing with the neighborhood kids and watching lots of TV. Interestingly, no Nick or Disney or whatever channel it is that shows Zoey 101 and Carly and those other preteen shows. He's been watching Discovery, Smithsonian and National Geographic and not getting enough of them!

So, although we aren't going anywhere fancy, we sure have been having some fun just hanging out!

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