Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Human Yo-Yo

Yo-yo  (as defined by
1 .a spool like toy consisting of two thick wooden, plastic, or metal disks connected by a dowel pin in the center to which a string is attached, one end being looped around the player's finger so that the toy can be spun out and reeled in by wrist motion.
2. something that fluctuates or moves up and down, esp. suddenly or repeatedly.

Human Yo-yo (as defined by me)
1. A human that fluctuates or moves up and down, especially suddenly or repeatedly in the area of weight gain and loss

How To Create A Human Yo-yo:
1. Shred and lose 8 pounds
2. Have a birthday and luck out with THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW OF DATES with your husband. Which were spent dining out. Because, hello?!? Three nights of eating and talking with an adult?!?
3. Gain 5 pounds from said birthday fun.
4. Spring weather and motivation - lose 3 pounds from running and trying out other Jillian Michael's programs on On Demand.
5. Lose 3 pounds from motivation.
6. Gain 4 pounds in 36 hours. WTF?!? Where did that come from? Dude, I know I ate a lot the weekend before, but I worked out, ate better and lost most of it!
7. Wake up the next day with cramps and realize it's not really weight gain - it's bloatedness. Yup - you can guess what it's from.
8. Continue to exercise and eat well and unbloat.
9. Lose 4 pounds.
10. Continue to exercise and eat well.
11. Lose another 2 pounds.
12. Net loss of 8 pounds.

Hence, I have become the Human Yo-yo.

I have definitely noticed improved endurance. Before I'd run for 30 -45 minutes, but it was really run for a song, walk for half a song, run for a song or two, walk for a song. For the past 2 weeks I've been able to run for 30 minutes with NO stopping!

And I've decided that I really like Jillian Michael's. I have been trying out some other exercise programs on On Demand. I keep returning to Jillian Michael's. It's something about the way she motivates that really works for me. And her pointers on keeping form - belly button to the ground, toes pointed that really help me get the most of her workouts. Team Jillian it is for me.

Stay tuned for what this Human Yo-yo does next!


Bill said...

Hey, 8 pounds is great, yo yo or not!

And wait a minute, you can already run for 30 minutes? Grrr... :) You know what's next then, right? Ahem, 5K?

Christine said...

You're doing awesome - I'm impressed with the 8lbs (I have no idea where I'm at since I don't own a scale...)!

I hear you on the Jillian love. I floated around to other programs too and kept returning!