Sunday, March 15, 2009

To Have Gluten or Not, That Is The Question, Part III

And slowly, that question is getting answered (for a quick recap, see Part I and Part II).

Adam had the blood tests - no Celiacs Disease :) Which means it's just an intolerance. So much easier to monitor. And what a relief for Adam! We've already replaced cereal and snacks to gluten free versions. It always amazes me how much gluten free food there is popping up. And because it's not a true allergy, very small traces are acceptable. The upside to gluten free foods is that there often organic and have no added junk to them. As Hubby pointed out, we all eat better when he's on the gluten diet.

In just a week his head banging at bedtime is starting to decrease. Random noises are turning into repeated phrases (which are easier to fade out). He's had 2 successful playdates this weekend.

Last night we sprung an outing to an Irish Restaurant with live music. We had mentioned we might go there this weekend. He was able to handle it with just a little bit of whining (we did leave in the middle of Sponge Bob), but once there he had a great time.

Two steps forward, one step back. And the journey of life continues.

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Stimey said...

Yay for "just an intolerance." That is always better than "Disease." :) I'm glad you're seeing improvements, and hooray for Irish Restaurants and live music! Sounds fun!