Thursday, October 9, 2008

What is it with this window?

It's really just Joe Shmoe average window in a family room looking out at the backyard. There is really nothing special about it.

Except non-human living things are obsessed with it.

Remember the bird? He liked our window so much that he survived a cold and windy winter knocking on our window. Finally after about a year he stopped knocking. I was just beginning to enjoy the quiet again.

But this season? It's worse. About twice a week I find some sort of Flying Insect With Stinger (bee, hornet, yellow jacket, not sure cuz quite frankly I don't inspect him much after I squish him to death) buzzing around the window. And it's worse because he's on the INSIDE of the window.

At first I thought maybe he was getting in somehow via the screen. We've been opening the windows a lot to let some fresh air in, now that it's not sweltering outside. So I stopped opening the windows. And somehow once or twice a week I mange to find/hear another Flying Insect With Stinger buzzing at the window trying to escape through it.

Really. What is it with this window and non-human living things?!?

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