Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Going Away, or not, or maybe - Part 2

Oh, right. I left you with that cliffhanger last week.
We went. And it was Absolutely.Amazing!

Way, way back, like, as in last year, I wrote this post for The Parent Bloggers Network. And I won a purple package from Excitations!

Excitations is this really neat concept where you can buy experiences in different regions of the country. And all sorts of experiences too.

Because I'm really picky and also a big fan of wine (which wasn't in the purple package, but was in the green and orange package, and the green and orange package value equaled the purple package value) I asked the nice folks at Excitation if I could trade a purple for a green and orange. No problem!!

So we did. For our orange package we chose a picnic at the winery. And then I got brave. I decided this would be just hubby and I -a night away from Adam - for the first time. We'd get a hotel room. We'd relax. We'd talk about stuff like we used to without being interrupted by Adam. We'd have fun.

With a minor glitch, we were on our way last Saturday to Pearmund Cellars. Nestled away in (what I consider) country, but only 45 minutes outside Washington the drive was scenic, especially this time of year.

After tasting their classic wines, we got to pick a bottle to take with us on our picnic. We were given a choice of sitting out on the terrace, or finding a spot on the grounds. We choose the terrace. Overlooking the vineyards are small tables under a trellis. This weekend there was some guy with his guitar singing songs. Our table was elegantly set with tablecloths, flowers and settings. For our first course we were served cheese, fruit and sausage. The main course was turkey salad, croissants and macaroni salad. Dessert was a scrumptious cheesecake with cherries on top and an eclair. Midway through our meal Mr. Pearmund came by to chat.

So, for three hours we sat, ate and talked while enjoying the music and scenery on one of the most gorgeous days of the season. It was amazing.

Afterwards we drove out to Winchester for the night.

On the way home Sunday morning we were already making plans for our next adventure without Adam. I can't believe I waited so long to do this!

Huge thanks to Excitations and Pearmund Cellars for a very enjoyable weekend! We'll be spending the other half of our Exciations experience at Pearmund Cellars too!

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Cathy said...

That's so wonderful!! I totally understand how hard it is to leave your kid for the night--we haven't done it yet. But you're post is making me brave! :) So glad you had a great weekend to yourselves.